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Klebanoff Attorneys represent people who have suffered from a personal injury caused by another person or company’s carelessness, negligence or recklessness. We focus on those injured as a result of automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, slips and falls in stores, office buildings, parking lots, schools, arenas, as well as those injured while riding trains, boats, taxicabs, shuttle buses or bicycles. In addition, we help people injured at a construction sites, and workplaces and by products that, when “used as directed,” cause personal injuries.


For 60 years in New York and 25 years in Florida, three generations of Klebanoff Attorneys have helped people who were injured obtain the financial compensation they deserve. We do not represent insurance companies, hospitals or any large corporations.

As a family practice, we understand how these injuries hurt the entire family.

Our commitment to each client is to resolve his or her case as quickly as possible by addressing the party that caused the injury, through their insurer, or if that fails, through the courts. If you were injured, give us a call. The sooner we start the sooner we will complete the process and settle your claim.