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Areas of Practice


Automobile Accidents:  Our practice works to recover the financial compensation you deserve for physical injuries and other damages you suffered in an automobile accident. We begin by investigating the circumstances of the accident, then gather evidence to prove your injury and we identify the evidence that proves your injury was the result of someone’s carelessness or negligence.

Let’s face it, the goal of an insurance adjuster or claims representative to minimize the amount of compensation you can receive in a settlement or to deny your claim outright if he or she can. Klebanoff Attorneys will stand by you as your case progresses. We will negotiate on your behalf, advise you of your legal options, gather the necessary evidence to support your claim and, if necessary, turn to the courts.

Rest assured, Klebanoff Attorneys will do what it takes to help you receive fair financial compensation.

Bicycle Accident: Bicyclists usually ride defensively because they are fully aware of the serious injuries they could suffer in a collision with a car, truck or taxicab.  Automobile drivers, on the other hand, will often cause accidents with bicycles by paying insufficient attention to the road, failing to yield the right of way or even aggressive behavior. If you are a bicyclist and you are injured in a collision with a car, truck or taxi cab, call Klebanoff Attorneys to get the legal help you should have to obtain the full compensation you are entitled to.

Collision with a Truck: 
If you or a family member is injured in a collision with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler there is a good chance the driver was tired, distracted, on a cell phone, reading a document, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or just disregarding traffic laws. Make no mistake about it; a collision involving a truck is a serious event that can cause significant injuries and financial loss. As soon as possible after the accident we suggest you contact Klebanoff Attorneys so we can investigate the facts concerning the accident and prepare a case in order to assert your right to full compensation.

Driver Injured During a Motor Vehicle Accident: There are times that even the most safety-conscious drivers have trouble avoiding car accidents in and around our area.  After all, while you can control your own actions, there is nothing you can do to control the actions of other drivers. If you have an automobile accident, call Klebanoff Attorneys to investigate your case. We will find the evidence necessary to prove that the other party is at fault for the collision and work to obtain compensation for both your personal injury and your financial loss.

Drunk Driver: If you suffer an injury because of an automobile accident with a drunk driver you may be able to collect compensation from the driver and the establishment or homeowner that served the driver the alcohol. To put it another way, victims of drunk driving related injuries may be able to bring a lawsuit against the bar, restaurant, pub, homeowner or other establishment that continued to serve alcohol while the individual was already impaired. You may also be able to collect punitive damages, along with standard compensatory damages associated with a more typical auto accident claim.

At Klebanoff Attorneys, we believe that when you recover damages from a driver under the influence of alcohol, it not only benefits you, it benefits the entire community because it sends a strong message to others to reconsider this reckless behavior.

Mass Transportation: 
Public transportation is essential to our efforts to reduce pollution, oil consumption and traffic. At the same time, these vehicles may increase the risk of injury to passengers, drivers and pedestrians who are struck by the vehicle or otherwise hurt as a result of a collision or other type of accident. If you are injured because of a train or bus and you think you deserve compensation, contact Klebanoff Attorneys. Using our many years or experience, negotiating skill and legal acumen we will work to obtain compensation for your injuries.

No Fault 
All registered vehicle owners in New York are required to purchase no fault personal injury protection from an insurance company. The insurer pays for medical expenses and lost earnings in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault for the crash. The maximum coverage on a personal injury Policy is $50,000 per person for bodily injury.

Passenger Injured in Automobile Accident: The passenger who is injured in an automobile accident is generally covered by no fault insurance. However, at Klebanoff Attorneys we believe it is advisable to file a claim against the policies of all the drivers who were involved in the collision to reduce the chance of being denied fair compensation.

Pedestrian-Vehicle Accident: When a moving vehicle, such as a car or truck, hits a pedestrian, he or she is at risk of suffering life-changing catastrophic injuries or death. Frequently the driver is at fault because he or she was distracted while using a cell phone, reading a document, speaking to a passenger or because he or she failed to yield the right of way to the pedestrian. Klebanoff Attorneys has years of successful experience representing pedestrians who were injured by a vehicle. What we have done for others we can do for you.

Roadway Defects: You are entitles to file an accident claim against the city or other governmental agency if it can be proven that your injuries are the result of road defects such as potholes. Suing the government can be difficult, but with Klebanoff Attorney’s skill and experience, you may be able to reach a settlement and receive financial compensation.

Slip and Fall: Whether you are visiting a business establishment, government facility or a friend’s house, you expect the area to be safe. If it is not safe, the owner or property manager should have warned you about the dangerous condition.

Slips and falls on someone else’s property are responsible for over 1 million emergency room visits annually. They are also the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims in the United States. Frequently these injuries include bone fractures, spinal cord damage, brain injury and sometimes, death.

If you or a member of your family slips or falls on someone else’s property and suffers a personal injury, Klebanoff Attorneys will investigate the circumstances of the accident and identify all responsible parties and their insurance company. We will begin discussions with the property owner, manager and their insurance carriers to negotiate financial compensation for your injury or loss. If discussions fail we will turn to the courts for compensation.

Workplace Injury or Disability: When an employee suffers a personal injury or disability in the course of his or her work, it is referred to as a workplace injury.

Employees injured on the job are entitled to compensation from their employer’s workman’s compensation and disability insurance carriers. They may also be entitled to seek financial compensation from third parties who are also responsible for the injury.

Klebanoff Attorneys frequently represents employees who suffer workplace injuries. We conduct a thorough investigation of the injury and the circumstances surrounding it.  In many instances we identify additional responsible third parties. Once identified, we contact each responsible party or their insurance carrier(s) to inform them of their financial responsibility for the pain, suffering and financial losses suffered by the employee and arrange for financial compensation. Third parties often include manufacturers of products or equipment used in the workplace, company suppliers, subcontractors, property owners and other entities.


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